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Swiss Replica Watches — Frédérique Constant announces new Polo brand ambassador, Samir Suhag.

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The iconic sports figure, Samir Suhag is a known face in the Indian as well as the international Polo circuit. It has always been Samir’s dream to make the sport of the royals available to enthusiasts rather than just a privileged few. Similarly, the founders of the brand Frédérique Constant, Peter Stas and Aletta Bax wanted more people to be able to enjoy some of life’s luxuries without worrying about the price tag.

An Arjuna award winner, Samir out performed competition to reach the very top of his profession and was ranked No#1 in Asia; a position he held from 2000 to 2008. Samir grew up buy cheap copy watching his father, Brigadier Bheem Suhag, play polo but never wanting to try it. At 17, Samir started riding seriously, practicing his stick and ball coached by his father.

He played his first game on the Presidents Bodyguard Polo Ground in the summer that year and played his first polo tournament later that fall, continued by many wins. During the span of his polo career, he has been part of 3 Indian World Cup teams.  Samir was a member of the first ever Indian Snow Polo team for the World Cup of Snow Polo held in China in Feb 2012.

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Samir Suhag.
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Samir today is not just recognized in India but also in leading polo playing countries such as Malaysia, Australia, Argentina, France, England, U.S.A, to name a few. The story of this Polo player, resonates strongly with that of Frédérique Constant and its evolution as one of the internationally leading Rolex replica watch brands of today. Both are driven by passion for excellence in their chosen field.


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