Omega Constellation Replica Men’s Watches With Yellow Gold Cases For Recommendation

Constellation collection has many exquisite models which are designed for men and women. The common ground is the eternal elegance. The noble Omega Constellation fake watches are driven by Cal. 8612, self-winding mechanical movements with co-axial escapements. The Swiss movements with silicon hairsprings have luxury and unique decorations. The mechanical movements have 18k red gold plates and rotors. Their power reserve is about 55 hours.

The whole watch body is made of 18k yellow gold. Their 38mm yellow gold cases are matched with fixed bezels and scratch-resistant sapphire glasses. Their hour markers are yellow gold indexes with luminescent dots. The central hour and minute hands have white luminescent plating. There is a date indicator set at 6 o’clock. Besides, there is an arch-shaped indicator at 12 o’clock used to show the day of a week.

The satin-brushed gold bezels have Roman numerals as scales which are decorated with shiny diamonds. Omega copy watches with Swiss mechanical movements have transparent sapphire case backs. Their waterproofness is also good. The diamond decorations and decent designs make the timepieces look very noble and elegant, suitable for gentlemen to wear.


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