The Brand New Replica HYT H3 Fully Show the Beauty of Hydraulic Machinery

Continually exploring the advanced watch-made define, cheap replica HYT crashed the limits of watchmaking industry. By the concept of The flow of time, HYT launched its third generation product:H3. Not only master the nature of time but also re-engrave the new creation and express the basic appearance of time fly. After the two generation of H1 and H2, HYT shaked the basis of advanced watch-making industry.



By the brand new product,to re-express the concept of time: it shows time by 2 snake belly pump push liquid in the transparent capillary.
From the point of traditional watch design, H3 has no hand, no any display windows it has already remodeling the watch image. With special-made movement inside, it could perfectly match the case size in 61*41mm.
This, with his partner, unique replica HYT sucessfully make a wrist watch which appearance is rather complex. Therefore, one of the challenge is to process the case and sapphire crystal. And while processing the movement for H3, the key point of techonogy is the kinetic energy of the configuration which could make the time indicate of movement to retrograde and instantaneous jump of the markers.
The initial aim of the movement group is to visualize the linear conditions of time flies, so they put 2 snake belly pump in the two sides of the capillary. They also produce the whole movement on the basis of the concept.
The centre of the movement is as the markers to display time. There is no hand or any other accessory device and also has no the time reading device that it has ever appeared. There are 4 rotated graduated tube, each face shows 6hours’ time markers. To plus the 4 faces exactly the 24 hours for one day.
To make sure the fluency of time display, HYT developed an unique movement which include a fake watches rotatable hourgraduated tube.


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