US Replica Omega Speedmaster 50TH Anniversary Theme Auction

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of successful landing on the moon, Sotheby’s held a theme auction for the perfect fake Omega Speedmaster watches. There are totally 49 timepieces prepared for auction and the total transaction price reaches to 1,200,000 dollars.

Speedmaster Ref.2915-1

The arrow hands are unique and special, leaving deep impression on all the watch lovers.

Black Dial Fake Omega Speedmaster Ref.2915-1

The most popular product is the Speedmaster Ref.2915-1. The most distinctive feature of this Omega copy with steel case must be the broad-arrow hands which is sold by 250,000 dollars.

Speedmaster Ref.145.022 Alaska III

The timepiece has attracted lots of watch lovers who are interested in moon stories.

Significant Copy Omega Speedmaster Ref.145.022 Alaska III

The second one is auctioned by 187,500 dollars. Alaska III is especially manufactured for NASA’s space shuttle program in 1978.


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